Tongue Stabilizing Device

A less complicated version of a tongue-retaining device is the TSD, or "Tongue Stabilizing Device". The tongue stabilizing device is made from a soft medical silicone for comfort and works by holding the tongue forward by gentle suction preventing it from falling back against the back of the throat , keeping the airway open during sleep . The TSD is ideal for edentulous patients, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) indicated disorders, large tongue problems, complicated dentition conditions, periodontal problems, and children. Unlike the other devices , the TSD does not attach to the teeth, but acts much like a pacifier. Don't worry..we won't tell if this is what you decide to use. This field is still in it's relative infancy, and more appliances are being invented and/or awaiting FDA approval all the time. We treat each patient individually, so we might suggest a specific appliance for you, but a different one for your spouse. Whether it’s snoring that has forced you into a life on the couch or a more serious apnea problem, please call or schedule an appointment today to discuss your condition!

tounge stabilizing device